Air & Sea Transport

Arrange tickets and visas through  Visitruno’slong-term partner – company  “Air & Sea Transport A.S.” (AST).

“Air & Sea Transport A.S.” (AST) was founded in 1994 in order to organize air transportation for ships’ crew and fishermen in Russia and abroad.

Throughout the years  the company has not only accumulated a unique experience of group and individual travel but also has expanded the scope of its expertize.

Nowadays ticket and travel agency AST is a company that provides all kinds of passenger transportation  to any part of the world on the best conditions. 

Among a wide range of activities AST offers complete services for  the Visitruno customers:

- air and train tickets to/from all destinations;

- ticket sales for low cost  airlines;

- visa support for the customer;

In order to improve customer service AST has opened offices in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Murmansk which have been actively developing.

AST work is based on the selection of the best  transportation options  for every customers’ request including the calculation of cost and time for the trip.

Understanding and taking into consideration complexities and peculiarities of each customer,AST tries to minimize penalties for unused tickets and order cancellations.

There is also a unique opportunity to start your trip anywhere in the world with making a payment in one of AST offices.

The main goal of the company is to reduce your travel expenses.

Working languages – Russian, English, Norwegian.

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