Our destinations represent Norwegian traditions, pleasure, activities, modern facilities and personal service for you to feel welcome all through the visit! has long experience from organizing trips to and from Norway and Russia both summer and winter. We have chosen winter, summer and fishing destinations which we know will satisfy our clients. Separately from this, we have partnerships, which make us able to arrange any kind of activities and journeys. Our call center in Russia is ready to answer all kind of requests and put together a trip which will be optimal for you, your friends, family and/or your company!  We are always at your disposal!


Knutholmen is special and unique which cannot be compared with any other destination by the coast of Norway. Exclusive ability for fresh sea food - modern accommodation with style and atmosphere - wide range of activities both at the sea and in the mountains - personal service - and an active coastal community. Knutholmen and its staff are able to arrange what suits you and your friends!

Friisvegen Turistsenter Måsåplassen

Friisvegen Turistsenter Måsåplassen is a family runned place which gives personal service, traditions and flexibility. Beautifull Måsåplassen lies in the shade of the open mountains with fantastic view. Except of the nature there are offered a wide range of activities which will make your stay memorable. Måsåplassen can offer high standard traditional cabins having all equipment for a pleasant stay. The area can offer trout fishing in approx. 15 different lakes and smaler rivers. Togther with local partners "Din Tur" it can be arranged a fishing program which suits you and your friends and the period of your stay!