Your safety - Reiselivsgarantifondet has an agreement with «Reisegarantifondet” – a fund which is administrating a travel guarantee solution for tourists travelling in Norway.

The fund’s main task is to make sure that all travel operators gives guarantee for their travelers and that the tourists get refunded their prepayments and/or an alternative travel home if the travel operator goes bankruptcy. The juridical unit Runo AS ( has such an agreement

It is written in the «Travel operator law» in Norway that a travel operator or a broker for package trips is obliged to present a individually guarantee (normally as a bank guarantee) to the fond ( Reisegarantifondet).

Tourists who have purchased a guarantee obliged trip through an operator which has given such a travel guarantee can require to get refunded his money from the fond if the trip will be cancelled caused by bankruptcy of the operator.

The fund is administrated by the law firm «AdvokatfirmaArildFriestad»

Att: lawyer Signe Eriksen.

Reisegarantifondet – RGF, Postboks 227 Sentrum, 4001 Stavanger, Norway.

Phone +47 51 85 99 40 - Telefax +47 51 85 99 31

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